Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping is supposed to be fun...

It's about that purchase our appliances.  Eeeeekkkkk!  So many many decisions!  It's hard to know where to start when making such a big purchase...these appliances have to fit within our budget as well as serve as a functional asset to the cart.  Oh yeah, and a million other factors to consider as well...

Electric vs. Propane

Countertop model vs. Built in stand

New vs. Used

The double basin fryer we are considering
(Creeper in the back)

There really are so many different models to chose from.  Factors to consider are the amount of space we have (errr, don't have), our energy output, the volume each appliance can handle, whether it comes with a warranty, how to install,'s just mind blowing!  

One thing I think we can handle....the potato slicer!
We will have huge muscles after using this thing for a few weeks.

Because our food is all fresh, there are added expenses that come with it...of course.  The better the food, the more expensive it is.  We are going to have fresh cut fries, so we'll be cutting all the potatoes by hand.  AND WE'RE GOING TO SELL A LOT OF FRIES!

Once we purchase a few things, the kitchen will really start coming together...

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh, December...

I wish pictures could do the weather in the Northwest justice, but they just simply CAN'T.  This weekend was so rainy that we had to limit our work day to running errands... but very important errands at that.

Originally, we were hoping to never go to Home Depot, but unfortunately it is IMPOSSIBLE to get everything donated, so we made a trip and got some much needed supplies.

The large white sheets are FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) that we are going to be putting on the majority of the walls.  It is going to make all the surfaces smooth and easy to clean, and also keep us up to code with the health department.  Once this is up, the kitchen transformation can begin.

Old Door

One of the things I DISLIKE on the cart is our door.  It's little and janky and not very secure.  Because it's so narrow, it is also impossible to get any large appliances through (like a refrigerator) so we are going to build a new one.  I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of cussing on this day...eeekk.

We stopped by the Rebuilding Center to pick up a new door...and the price was right for our budget!
$1 we can handle.

And this is what we came home with.

I might be setting myself up for failure with this post, but I'm confident we can figure out how to get this new door on the cart.  We'll have to take out the existing door, build a frame for the new door, cut the new door to fit, mount it and make sure the knobs and locks work, and then taaaa-daaaaa--new door!  (If any of you have ever done something like this or have any advice, please post!)

I hope the rain lets up a bit...I'm not joking when I say we were DRENCHED after unloading the truck. 
Thumbs down to the downpour.  

Thumbs up to getting some work done this week!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's the little things, really..

Okay, now that that's out of my system, let's talk FOOD CART!

We have progress people...and the transformation has officially begun...finally!  So far everything we've done has been MAJOR (foundation, walls, floors, etc), but not necessarily VISIBLE changes.  This most recent phase is going to make a huge difference because they are tangible changes we can all SEE. 

Time for cabinets.

These things were UGLY when we got them at The Rebuilding Center. U-G-L-Y.  But, the price was right, so I digress. 
 First I had to clean and sand the grime off.

 And as you can tell, I was limited on space because it was a mere 30 degrees outside and I chose warmth over comfort....I was literally SORE after this little task!

Then I painted them "Winter White," which was an instant improvement.

Once we got the cabinets sanded, primed and painted, we were able to get them mounted on the wall.  This is the first thing that actually gives the cart some dimension...and we were ECSTATIC!  (Cue dance moves and squeals here...)

The 5th and final attempt at mounting this cabinet in the right place...

The cart itself isn't perfectly LEVEL, so mounting these against the wall and flat against the floor was a bit of a pain in the butt.  After some deep breathing and several 10-counts, Travis got 'em just where we wanted 'em.

(If you could see the bubble on the level, you would be impressed!)

Travis did an excellent job cutting these things to make them (almost) perfect.  He then did an equally excellent job cutting the heavy, orange counters to fit on top.  (Don't worry Duck fans, paint has already been purchased to change the color of these bad boys...NO Beaver Colors in this cart!)


It's kinda starting to look like a kitchen, don't ya think? 

Cue more dancing and squealing here..