Wednesday, January 19, 2011

party time...

With all of the brainstorming, building, blogging and marketing, it was time to do some fundraising.  And FUN it was!
Element Lounge was the place to be!

Travis and I wanted to come up with a fun way to bring all of our friends together and raise some money for The Grillery as well.  Almost everyone we know LOVES a good party (or at least a good EXCUSE to party) so this seemed like a natural fit.  We promoted the event through Facebook, mass texting, mass email and word of mouth....and wouldn't you know it, this thing took off!!

Definitely couldn't have done it alone though...

The front door posse

Andrew on the 1's and 2's

I enlisted (a lot) of help from my friends to throw the best party in town, and judging from the feedback I got, that's exactly what we did!  After gathering raffle items (thanks Amy, Brandon, Brooklyn and Jill), buying a case of champagne, getting all my soldiers ready to work the door (shout out to Katia, Diona and Jill), and learning how to become a certified DJ (Andrew-you rock!)...we seemed to have a recipe for success!

I loved making my debut in the booth...(I may have missed my calling...)

Wouldn't be a party without the Reeders (And D!)

Packed the HOUSE!

It was such a great night and we will definitely be throwing more functions for people to come out and enjoy well as learn a little more about what we're doing and our overall mission.  So far it has been a HIT!  

(Another HUGE thanks to AD for the wonderful are a STUD!)

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