Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Right Along..

This weekend was very productive...AND FUN!  We figured out the appliance side of the cart and how we want that area to be situated.  It's tricky, because there are rules and regulations that go with having fire and grease in a small area...GO FIGURE.  Apparently, the health inspector and fire department don't want your cart to burn to the ground in the name of good food...I second that!  So we are being very careful about the appliances that go in the cart as well as the size of the hood to make sure it's all GOOD...

I bought this cabinet at the Rebuilding Center for $10 to cover the ugly wheel well underneath.

This is a view from the serving window into the cart...(notice the plumbing dialed in in the back!)

So we got the cabinet and then had to figure how it could be both aesthetic and functional.  Because the grill and fryer we want are both tabletop models, we had to get crafty.  (Also, keeping in mind that they both MUST fit under the hood!)

We custom fit a counter over the cabinet and decided to run it the length of that side.

The stainless steel backsplash allows us to have those appliances on the counter, and not be a fire risk.

So there you have it! After all our appliances are bought and paid for, we should be able to install pretty easily and get the electrical started.  I'm loving how this little cart is shaping up...

That bottle of champagne you see is to celebrate when this thing is finally done!

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  1. love the pic with the champagne. motivation. :-) cart is looking awesome. can't wait!