Friday, June 10, 2011

Gettin' Ready

So this is it!  We are getting The Grillery ready for the final stages before the big transformation...ahem... a new paint job....(hoping that makes this thing beautiful!).

We had to take off the ENTIRE trim along the cart and clean out 60 years of dirt & grime...

Then added all new calk rope and screws to weatherize it.

We also put in the new service window and got it secure.  

Travis did an excellent job because this "gently used" window proved to be (like everything else) a total pain in the arse.  He does a really good job of making the best of what we have and figuring out how to salvage our goodies!  I'm thankful for that because every dollar spent counts...

I'm kinda good with the drill now...

We have all these little things we need to do to get the cart ready for paint.  Patching up the entire outside (holes, dents and dings galore...), replacing all the rusty screws, getting the windows exactly right, etc.  The fun never ends!  We are where we want to be with the appliances inside the cart and have made some awesome progress with that!

Our fridge before...

...And after!  We added a couple coats of chalkboard paint to spruce it up.
(makes it look brand new, don't ya think?!)

Next up...electrical.  Whoop-deee-whooop!

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  1. It's looking better than my kitchen! Looking forward to the BIG unveiling...Mom