Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back Like We Never Left..

After a couple days off to regroup (our apologies if you came by the cart and we were closed), we are ready to forge through the winter months and serve our folks some delicious food!  We gotta give the people what they want!!

But first, we still need to get our name out there...
I did my best "tagging" the door.

I can't tell you how many people come to the cart and ask "what's a slider?"  (I know, right.)  It's okay... we'll let it slide (r) this time, but we also thought it'd be good to have some more signs telling people what we serve at our cart.  So, since the sun was out for a couple days, I took advantage.

More sandwich boards promoting our cart.

We've had a bunch of special guests stop by the cart as well.  One of them was Ian Winters, of Winters Farms in Troutdale, Oregon.  He supplies us with all of our russet potatoes.  He came to see what we've been up to and what we've been doing with his potatoes...

He loved the burgers and gave the fries 2 thumbs up!

And our friend, Franklin, from the Rebuilding Center, came by and passed along the first dollar from his cart.  He loved the food and was thoroughly impressed with the cart itself.


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