Monday, November 1, 2010

Cameras Rolling...

NOVEMBER 1st....I can't believe it.  NOVEMBER 1st?!?!  October ended well with the Oregon Ducks ranked #1 in the country and the Trailblazers off to a 3-0 start....I'll take it!

Hard to believe we came up with this idea 3 months ago and all that has gone into it so far.  Annnndddd, the fact that the cart still LOOKS the way it does....Let me explain.

This project is massive...(you've seen the pictures).  Every little thing we do makes a huge difference in our eyes, but to the layperson, it looks EXACTLY the same...which is to be expected... but disappointing all the same.  It's all the OTHER things we've done that require so much time and energy.  Examples include writing a business plan (whoa), research, fundraising, more research, meeting with vendors, interviews with our producer, research, designing the logo, meeting with cart owners, eating cart food (i.e. research), buying materials, thinking of more fundraising ideas, hitting the gym to work off our "research," get the idea.  Now, combined with the fact that we can only work on the cart after work and on weekends, this whole project is going to take longer than expected...sigh.

Oh yeah....and we're filming the whole thing.  Meet Colin.  He likes to keep the camera rolling even when I ask him to "CUT!"  (I guess that's the point?!)  He is responsible for capturing this whole thing and turning it into something each of you will actually want to watch...hmmmm.... Those of you who know me, know I'm silly, irreverent, sarcastic, honest, sweet, crass, strait forward and funny (so I've been told).  Now times that by a million and add Travis to the mix....yikes.

Floors are DONE!  They look pretty damn good too!

Travis got familiar with power tools to cut out the walls.

And I got familiar with the drill to actually put the walls up--so empowering!!
(click the link above to view awesome video)

The good news's still fun.  And we are both really excited about the whole thing.  We are constantly getting amazing feedback and killer ideas from everyone we talk to.  The task may be daunting, but we know it will be worth it.  Even if we are the only ones who SEE the least we know we're making it...

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