Sunday, October 2, 2011


So sorry about the MAJOR delay in postings...I've been eating (literally), sleeping (rarely) and LIVING food cart life for the last month, so I've been slacking... forgive me?

We did more pickling!

...because our first round was a HIT!

You know we gotta add some SPICE.

They look beautiful!

Third week down and we are still learning every day!  We have gotten some great advice and feedback from our friends, family, customers...annnnddd...our first FOOD CRITIC!  Check it out here...

I think overall it's a great first review...Aaron was super nice and gave us honest feedback, which we appreciate.  We have been trying to perfect our fries (because we like 'em crispy too!), so hopefully next time he comes back, we'll get a higher rating!  Not too shabby for week 3 though.

Sometimes when it's slow, we get our color on...

Nana and John

And, Adam.

As always, we love the support from everyone and appreciate y'all stopping by the cart!  Be sure to LIKE us on facebook!!

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