Sunday, September 18, 2011


Week 2 down and we're rockin and rollin!  

Farmer's Market on NW 19th and Everett

Winters Farms Stand
(our potato vendor)

So now that we are OFFICIALLY moving into fall..(thanks for the 2 week summer, mother nature) we are lucky to have local markets to go to to get our produce.  Winters Farms is located in Troutdale, Oregon (about 10 miles outside Portland) and they come into town almost every day to sell at the local markets.  Because we are on a mission to do the LOCAL and FRESH thing, this works out nicely for us!

I think the funnest part for both Travis and I is meeting all of our customers.  We get to tell them our story, talk about the food and get to know a bit about them as well.  It has been awesome.  So far, I would say we have the BEST customers around!!
This was one of my favorite guests so far...

Beautiful Buca

Glad y'all are loving the food!  Remember to LIKE us on facebook and read our amazing reviews on YELP here...(I swear I didn't bribe anyone to write these...)

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