Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week One...

We just wanted to give a big THANKS to everyone who has stopped by The Grillery to try our food, hang out and experience our opening week with has really been GREAT!

Our fun menu by the AMAZiNG Abby Marten

Travis and I have been spending every waking moment at the cart...finishing up all the little details (do they ever stop??), cleaning, trying new name it!  There is no end to the day.  It's been super fun (still!  can you believe it?!), and we are learning a TON!

 A homemade sign out of an old barn door...
Not bad, eh?

It is REAAALLLYYY hot in Portland right now, so business has been up and down.  The biggest hit on our menu thus far is our very own Fiesta Corn!

Fresh corn from Troutdale, Oregon

After adding "Grill Sauce," Cotija cheese and a lime wedge

The feedback on our food has been amazing!  Everyone LOVES the corn, we've gotten rave reviews on the fries and people say they can really taste the quality of our beef.

Come by and see for yourself!!

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