Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting Our Groove

So we did it...sorta.  We had a "soft" opening, and it went well.  We learned the ins and outs of working in a veeerrrry small space, in the heat, for the first time, with the spotlight ON.  I would give us a B-...maybe a B.

Gotta start somewhere, right?

First major setback...?  Almost chopping my finger off and spending the morning in the ER.  

Minor surgery on my pinky finger

And by "surgery" I mean stitches.

Still have all 10 digits (and hopefully a jumper.)

I hustled back from the hospital to get going on the rest of opening day duties.  Turns out, fingers get in the way of EVERYTHING and you will bump them on ANYTHING that might hurt.  OUCH.  We had our friends and family over to taste the food and allow Travis and I to get into The Grillery grooooove. 

We even had a few paying customers as well...

Of course I had to ask our first customer for a picture...

There are so many last minute tasks to complete before we are fully operating.  It consumes us.  Once we finish one thing, it seems like there are 15 more on the TO DO LIST.  It's constant.  We are so anxious to get this baby open, and give the people what they want!

Tuesday is the day.  The grand GRAND opening.  Come by and try our tasty burgers, give us all the feedback you want, hang out and be part of the Grillery Family.  

N Fremont and Vancouver...
We can not WAIT to serve you!

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  1. It will be great karma to open on your Mom's birthday!!

  2. Now that is not only an opening - it is a story -