Monday, July 25, 2011

Careful what you wish for...

...because all I've been doing for the last 9 months...(yes, 9!) is complain about the weather here in the NW.  It's SO annoying.  Rain, rain, rain...with maybe a day or two of sunshine just to tease you....then more clouds and more rain.  Seriously, so annoying.  The whole POINT of living in Portland is that you suffer through the crappy winter and spring just to bask in the beautiful summer and fall weather and remind yourself that it's all worth it!  Ummm...that hasn't been the case this last year, so summer this far has been a total let down.

My two favorite guys

So, the sun came out... and it was HOT!  Omg.  Hot.  Travis and I worked on the cart all weekend in preparation for our big inspection on Wednesday and we basically just hung out and watched each other SWEAT.  It got hot!  We did manage to get work done...(between water and cocktail breaks...)

Cutting the hole in the ceiling to fit the fan for the hood in

A view from the top (I thought it was much cooler when I took it)

Travis masterminded the set up for the hood, vent and fan that are mounted to the ceiling.  This is one of the KEY things that go into a kitchen, so making sure it's just right is super important.  Now that this is up, we can get everything secure inside.

We also had to do some aesthetics to clean up the inside a bit.  We cut wood trim to cover the entire floor (sounds much easier than it is...), used wood filler for any holes and imperfections, painted white, then nailed them to the base.  They will give the cart yet another "finished" look.

Before trim

And after.

I'll be the first to admit I didn't take the best pictures this weekend...ummm...did I mention it was hot?  Moral of the story is that we're getting things done!  Almost ready for the big day.  Keep your fingers crossed's HAPPENING!!!

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