Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(tapping fingers...)

Our plan review got approved (whoooo hooooo!) so the next step is for the health inspector to come and check out the new diggs.  Still waiting...

One of the great things about this adventure is that we've gotten to meet a lot of interesting people over the months.  We have met cart owners, artists, electricians, plumbers, contractors, bloggers, media people, photographers, bartenders, bakers, farmers, baristas, shop owners, you name it!  Travis and I looooove to talk.  We have interesting and irreverent conversations everywhere we go..(it's partly why no errand is a quick one).

One of our favorite people we've met thus far is Franklin.
Trav and Franklin talkin' "food cart."

Franklin works at the Rebuilding Center, and we've seen and talked to him several times over the months.  He is the NICEST guy and we learned all about his mission to build a food cart similar to ours.  We thought WE were doing a good job of using sustainable and recycled materials...well, he really took it to another level!  

His ENTIRE cart is from the Rebuilding Center...(How convenient...he works there and is constructing it right outside!)  Not only does he get all his material from the RBC, but he is an artist and has painted and entire cart as well.

"Food Art" 
A cart celebrating food from Africa.

Hand painted work on the inside of the cart.

Franklin is so likable because he is super duper nice, and also humble and willing to share his knowledge.  We appreciate that so much!  Getting tidbits of information from all these different people we meet is helpful in many ways...(even the bartenders...believe me!)  We have learned a little something everywhere we go...whether it's Home Depot, the Saturday Market or the Goodwill.  We find value in all of these conversations we've had along the way.

Now it's time to get back to work!

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