Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A learning experience..

Well...the health inspector came today, and sadly, we didn't get licensed.  But luckily, it's just a minor fix, so we need to tweek a few things and then we should be ready to go!  How does one even prepare for this kind of thing you ask?  Well, we got a list online of the codes and regulations.  And we started checking things off the list.  Bearing in mind that we've been following the list since day one, the major thing to do was just actually PUT IN WORK and get the little things done.

See this guy right here?  He's not actually a plumber...

But the great thing about him, is he figures things out.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  Travis is a stud at this whole cart building thing...he has figured out every little thing so reading books and observing what other people do.  I just take the lead from him most of the time (or i just stick to cleaning, painting and running important errands!).

Water tanks in the back

So, the above picture is actually why we didn't pass the inspection.  These tanks (fresh water on the right, grey water on the left) have to be up off the ground and attached to your unit so that the cart can be mobile at all times.  We now have to figure out a way to get them both mounted, or buy a different size tank that fits under the cart.  Sounds easy enough...buuuttt...keep in mind how heavy these suckers will be once they are filled with water.  They are each 55 gallon tanks, so you do the math.

I am very happy though, because the health inspector did give us a few props on our cart.  He said we were "way ahead of the game" with the quality of our hood and fan, and thought that everything else looked great.  I'm sure he's seen it all, but I have to admit....this food cart is pretty awesome.

The Grillery...
Strike One.

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  1. You want to have a little drama. Just make sure you don't get to a 3-2 count before you hit your home run!