Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Special Thanks...

We reached our goal on kickstarter!  Definitely want to give a shout out to all the people who backed us!

+Nick+Katia+Jill+Mom+Bruce+Moesches+Shinns+Naches Reeders+NC Reeders+Loretta+Patrick+Nick B+Bill +Cindy Lew+Amy W+John Jay+Janice+Jess+Reme+Tara+Marni+Eden+Shannon+Kelly+Camille+Alison+Veronica+Johnna+Ben +Diona+Jen+Lauri+CPT+Anna+Margot+Kim K+Leah+Janice+Jamil+Andrew K+Coach Turner+Angie+Mandy +Kelsy+Pyro+Vicki+Tori+Garth+Tony+Brianna+Jamie+Henry+Mo $+Kasha+Jamie J+Jenn E+Courtney+
Gretchen+Rovi+Kecia+Laurie+Stradleys+Kim H-H+Michele+Allen+Lewis+Sharon L+Fasciatus+Christine+Mary B+Melissa M+Teri+Kai'Lee
(and of course, JUD for making the video, and Redwood Son for the music!)

Sending huge hugs and high-5's around the country for all of your love and support.  We are truly appreciative and grateful for your generous contribution.  Now the fun begins!  We get to purchase all the things that will make this cart a KITCHEN...and get licensed and find a spot to set up shop!

Cheers to YOU!

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  1. It was a pleasure doing business with the three of you! Congratulations on the success of kickstarter! Love ya! Mom