Wednesday, August 31, 2011


And we are READY...finally!  After so much preparation and TALKING about this damn thing opening, it looks like it's all happening on THURSDAY.  September 1st sounds like a nice date to bring this thing full circle.

I've used this picture a million times, but this is the first time we had the cart in our possession.  
It's mind blowing!

Trav and I have given up EVERY single Saturday for the last year (and lots of Sundays...and many other weekdays sprinkled throughout as well) to work on this cart.  Having "real" jobs has definitely made this journey interesting.  We have learned the value of hard work and seeing something through to the end...(but really, as a business owner, there is no end!!)

The Masterpiece

Do you like our sign?  Well, just like (almost) everything else, it's homemade.  We went to Home Depot and got the cheapest piece of recycled wood we could find.  Then we used pictures from our phone to draw out a "cookie cutter" shape of Oregon in pencil. (Ummm...this step definitely took the MOST time)

Then we primed and painted it white.

Then we taped off a border.

Painted the border GREEN of course...

Then put the finishing touches on it.

The best part about this whole journey, hands down, is how much fun we've had.  From the actual construction (in rain, wind, snow, sweltering heat, more rain, freezing rain, sleet, you name it...), to picking out our vendors and farmers, painting it in the pearl and filming our journey, to road trips everywhere imaginable, to learning how to "pickle" and trying different recipes, to family pow-wows and brainstorming sessions...ALL OF IT HAS LEAD UP TO THIS DAY!  It has been so worth it.

We are here on official Grillery business y'all!

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  1. This is such a HUGE accomplishment! The two of you are such a great team and now you have this wonderful business to show for all your hard work. Congrats!