Monday, August 1, 2011

The Mission...

When we set out on this journey...(omg, it's almost been a year?!), we really wanted to do things right.  Come up with a unique business model, be environmentally responsible, and utilize all of our resources to save as MUCH money as possible.

John helping me draw the cart w/ chalk

Here is a list of things we've gotten donated or purchased recycled:

  • Counter tops (w+k)
  • Formica (Habitat for Humanity Re-Store)
  • Sinks (The Rebuilding Center)
  • Paint (co-workers, friends)
  • Flooring (PREM)
  • Cabinets (The Rebuilding Center)
  • Insulation (w+k)
  • Wood for walls and ceiling (w+k, The Rebuilding Center)
  • Windows (Builder's City, The Rebuilding Center)
  • Refrigerator (Joey)
  • Grill (food cart vendor)
  • Logo (Brad, w+k)
  • Screws, nails, staples, cement, glue, silicone, etc (Joey)
  • Labor (FRIENDS!)
  • TOOLS (Joey, Kent, neighbors, friends)
My point is...YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  We all have so many resources around us, and the only thing you have to do is ASK.  We definitely have spent a TON of money on all the little things (they add up!), but the things we've gotten donated have been a LIFE SAVER!  Thank you to everyone who has helped us with this mission...

Window Trim Before..

Window Trim After...(we love green)

Also, if you glance up on that last picture, you can see the latest addition...the fan to the hood.  Trav spent countless hours getting that thing just right, and the health inspector gave us a "thumbs up" for making it work!  We're still plugging away...

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