Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Almost there..

Health Inspector Gadget came again yesterday, and we are right on track.  After the annoyance of having to change up the whole game plan with our water tanks, we finally found something that works.  (And wouldn't you know it, we like it much better..)

We do the most RANDOM traveling to God knows where, to a garage sale, to find a water tank that should work...

Ummm...they didn't work, but I did pick up a $2 cooler!

Seriously...the things we do in the name of The Grillery!  I was SUPER bummed about not passing the first inspection...super, super bummed.  So we had to really crack down and find some tanks that would work in place of those barrels.  A new water tank is roughly around $200...and we needed 2.  So we started scouring craigslist, the internet and garage sales because, frankly, we don't have that kind of money.

This (not a great pic, but whatever..) is the GREY water tank mounted UNDERNEATH the cart

And THIS is the FRESH water tank now inside the cart under the sinks.

Having this huge tank inside the cart really isn't that big of a deal considering that would all be dead space anyway.  The fresh water tank fit with inches to spare, so it was meant to be!

Now that our Plan Review and Pre Opening inspections have gone well, we just need to set up at a location and have the inspector come and see the cart fully operating to get licensed.  We are waiting to hear back from a couple locations and then we're gonna start grillin' up some tasty sliders!



  1. "She" sure is a thing of two have done an awesome job with the conversion from an ugly, gutted trailer to...TA DA...The Grillery!! Mom

  2. Aunt Katie loves that my "anonymous" post is signed...;)

  3. it is funny! and just by the post, even without the signature...i know it's my mom! :)