Monday, August 22, 2011

Sometimes... throws you a curveball.  And you know what, you gotta just go with it.  When things seem unfair, upside down, inside out and backwards, there is usually a reason.

Sometimes, the reason is simply to test your resilience.

I'm still working on this...

Moving right along...The Grillery is GREAT.  Things are really coming together and we make progress every SINGLE day. We've gotten to the good part where we get to pick out and buy all the fun stuff for our kitchen.  DING DING DING...this is where Heath comes in... our favorite places so far are The Goodwill (omg, you can find GREAT kitchen stuff there...seriously, GO!), Pitman, Hong's Restaurant Supply, and City Liquidators...FUN!  Everything in this store either fell off a truck somewhere, or was imported from a foreign land.  ITS AMAZING.

Hidden Treasure in SE Portland

We also enlisted help from friends (ahem, Suli) to help us transport our cart to a temporary location to test out all of our equipment...

Following the grill down the streets of PDX

Make room for US!

We now have power and water and working appliances....YAYYYEEEE!  It is really coming together.  Can not WAIT to serve up the GOODNESS that is undoubtedly going to come out of this bad boy.  Thanks to all who have shown your support during this crazy time... WE APPRECIATE YOU!


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