Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sooooo....we think we found our spot.  Like, our location.  Like, the place we are going to be SERVING THE FOOD WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR THE LAST YEAR!


This is just so exciting!  We were put on a wait list for some of the more desirable lots around town.  It's really a "pick your poison" deal because some places are great for lunch, some are better for late night, and some aren't really that great for either.  There are also a ton of factors that go into picking a place.  Obviously LOCATION, but also, the surrounding carts (i.e. competition), foot traffic, nightlife, ATM's available, shade, power sources...and the list goes on!!

Happy Grillmore on 3rd and Washington

Might take a few pointers from them, but don't necessarily want to be next door.
(ya know what I mean?)

And also not trying to "pioneer" our own spot...quite yet.
(11th and Washington)

We really want to be accessible to the cart any time during the day, so downtown makes the most sense.  We set out to find a place that will be great for lunch and late night diners, so the location we found has a healthy mix of both.

Not yet.  Gotta put the deposit down before the big reveal!  Stay tuned and be ready to come to the grand opening VERY soon!

(Look at us now, OH!)

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